Can I Make Quick Money Online?

I had a big book collection (over a thousand books) that I owned so it made sense to sell my books online to regain some space on my bookshelves. The easiest way to make money online for me was when I first started selling books individually with Amazon in 2005. Then I made more money online later with eBay selling book lots when I had a collection of books by the same author.




Easiest Way to Make Money Online: Start selling books you have at home.



Books have the tendency to pile up after we read them. If you want to thin out your library to save space, it is easy to sell books online without worrying about typing lengthy product descriptions.


You can list your books by its ISBN number on eBay and the item description will be propagated for you. All you have to do is describe the condition of the book. You can also list on Amazon in the same way and see where you will sell the book first.





Best Way to Make Money Online: Don’t fall into this trap.


The problem about selling items on eBay is that I started buying items to sell specifically on eBay instead of just selling what I already had. The best way to make money online is not losing money by buying things from garage sales or thrift stores that you think would sell on eBay.


Many making money online manuals encourage you to go to garage sales and thrift stores looking for bargains instead of just selling things that you already own. For the beginner I suggest just selling what you have on hand as if you were having a garage sale online. It gives you a chance to gain experience on selling in your niche before looking for these products elsewhere.


The trick is not to spend money to make money at least not in the very beginning. Know your niche market first before looking for products you think will sell. Staying profitable means cutting down on expenses early in the game.


This was my most valuable suggestion I had for Lisa since she already had some things that she had bought at thrift stores to sell online. I encouraged her to stop buying with the mindset that she would make money. Clear out your inventory first before buying new items that will take up space waiting to be sold.




Best Way to Make Money Online: Supply and demand


You don’t need to know rocket science to sell. The simple thing to understand is supply and demand. Make sure your the supply that you already own meets the demand of what people want. Most of the time you have to find people that want what you have. This takes some research in order to make it work.


The best way to make money online is to do research. It can be as simple as asking your friends and family what they like to buy online. For example, my fiance likes to buy tools online. I like to buy books to learn something new or as a gift for someone else. My brother shops on Amazon for new technology to give as gifts. The trick is to ask people closest to you what they are looking to buy online. With this information you can build a niche market that you can research on the various online shopping channels.


For example, Lisa had first editions of Harry Potter books that she bought for her son when he was young. She wanted to know if she could sell those books online because she paid a lot of money for them.


We looked them up on eBay and saw that there were many people selling Harry Potter books. So that would mean that she had a lot of competition for selling hers. I told her that it would be easier for her to sell those books locally then it was to sell them on the internet. She could also give them away to charity and receive a charitable expense towards her taxes.


Then we started looking at her plates instead. We found that there was less competition in her market for selling plates, but we didn’t know how many people were looking for those specific plates. We had to do research on how many people have bought plates that were similar to hers. You can do that research on eBay by seeing what items have been sold in that category.





Best Way to Make Money Online: More traffic for the items you want to sell


The major difference about selling online is that you have the greater chance of traffic from a more diverse group of people. The trick is appealing to your niche market, because you are not the only one that is trying to sell to them. If your competition is large, you have to separate yourself from the crowd.


Questions to ask yourself for the best way to make money online: Why should people buy from you? What is different about your product compared to others? What kind of services do you offer in addition to the sale? Do you offer free shipping? Do you offer a customer guarantee? Do you ship quickly?


These are some criteria that determine whether someone will buy from you or not. Now Lisa wants to sell plates online so there are she needs to take into account. What type of packaging will she buy to ship these plates so they don’t break in the mail?






Does She Choose USPS, FedEx or UPS?


Which one of these services are cheaper? Which one of these services cater to customers like herself? Which one of these services is easier to work with? How much do is she going to spend on postage? Does she want the seller to pay for postage or does she pay for postage? If she does pay, how is she going to compensate for the cost of shipping? Is she going to add it to her bottom line cost?


Free Ways to Make Money Online: Cut out physical products and go digital


These are some simple concerns that need to be addressed when you’re selling a product online. That is why it’s so much easier to sell a digital product or service rather than a physical product. In a future blog post. We will look at some options for selling digital products and services so you don’t have to worry about shipping costs.