Google Voice Typing App: A Solution For Seniors Who Have A Problem Typing On Their Phone

I called Lisa today and checked up on her. She hadn’t called this morning which is very unlike her. While we were talking, she mentioned how her recent fall has put her in a lot of pain. I was wondering what would be easy for her to do now that she is confined to the house recuperating.



Then I thought it would be nice if she could talk into her phone and write some notes about how she is feeling right now. Wouldn’t it be easier if she could talk and type at the same time? She currently uses her voice on the Google search engine.

I did a search on Google for “google voice typing app” and found that android phones have a TalkType Voice Keyboard. What a godsend.​ Now Lisa can record her feelings and share them with me through text. We will be able to stay connected without talking on the phone when I’m busy doing something. Many times I can’t talk when she needs me.


Why Seniors  Need a Voice Typing App ​


Personally, I have so much to say and my fingers don’t move fast enough. Other times I want to make a quick note for an article I’m writing on the run. I always carry my phone with me. It is very practical for me to have a dictation tool on my phone.




I’m trying TalkType right now while I’m writing this article. It works well, but you have to adjust your speech for the app to catch up. You can pause the microphone while you gather your thoughts. The accuracy of typing the words is exceptionally good. I watch what I’m saying as it pops up on the screen.


It is easy to get accustomed to the tool once you have done it for several minutes. I find this helpful for seniors who can’t type and still want to take notes on conversations they have for church and volunteer groups. It would be a great way to list key topics from these meetings for their organizations. This would enable more seniors to use their smartphones as a dictation tool.


A Problem Seniors Experience: Fear of using their smartphone


One of the biggest reasons why Lisa is hesitant about technology is it requires her to type and her smartphone scares her. She mentions consistently that typing hinders her from exploring what technology has to offer. If she could talk into her phone and watch the words come up on the screen she would more likely try it out.


Lisa can manage saying “OK Google” and initiating Google’s search engine when she talks into phone. She can’t see clearly enough to type or text on her phone. What I would like to do is show her how she can write stories by talking into her phone. This activity would give her a way to journal her thoughts and then she can share them with me in a document.


A Solution Seniors Can Experience: Speaking thoughts and feelings into their phone


TypeText Voice Keyboard would give Lisa an outlet to explore texting more. I want to her interact with people through texting rather than make a call. Often times a conversation can last several minutes with her when she just wants to keep people up to date with what she is doing.  She calls her husband at work and he doesn’t have the time to take a call. However, he can read an update about her day through a text message.




She seems to think that she can’t do certain things that involve technology, because she can’t operate her smartphone. I want to show her that there are many options that are available for her to interact if she is willing to learn something new everyday. Most people learn by using their phones on a daily basis. I suggested we could learn the process together and it would be one more lesson to help others do the same.


A Solution For Seniors Can Experience: Increase writing skills to keep the mind active


My goal is to write at least a thousand words a day. I can easily accomplish this in less than half an hour by speaking rather typing.  This would enable seniors to write more articles about their hobbies and volunteer experiences. If they get their thoughts down, their children or friends that are tech savvy can help them edit their text on a computer.


It’s easier now while writing the main topics of this article that I don’t have to type. Just getting the words on paper is half the battle. Once the words are on paper, I can edit what I wrote. This tool makes it easier for me to get my thoughts on paper and turn them into articles that are valuable to senior readers in a timely manner.




Many marketers practice writing by just getting words on paper and seeing what develops. This tool allows me to do this more efficiently. TypeTool Voice Keyboard is  so easy to use that even a child could do it.


After a while, it becomes natural like having a conversation with a friend. This is an excellent tool for blogging my thoughts and interacting with my audience.


A Solution Seniors Can Experience: Communicate more if texting was easy


A voice typing app allows seniors to get consistent in their communication. They won’t always feel alone when they aren’t around friends and family they love. A lot of times seniors feel alone, because they have no way to communicate with other people when they are shut in.


TypeTool Voice Keyboard allows seniors to write letters to their grandchildren and their friends and learn how to blog for enjoyment, especially if they have bad eyesight or their joints are stiff from arthritis. Voice to Text is a very comfortable form of writing.




Voice to Text feels less stressful and it allows you to gather your thoughts and think about what you’re saying. The pauses where the app is catching up allows you to reflect on what you want to say and not just concentrate on the spelling and grammar. You can do that later in editing.


Another cool feature is that you can read out loud and put those readings on paper. I like to do that with my meditation and prayer. It allows me to concentrate on the words and have access to them on paper as well.


A Solution Seniors Can Experience: Saving time when writing


This is a very effective tool for anyone who is in a crunch for time and needs to do any feedback in response to an email or a letter. TypeText Voice Keyboard allows you to communicate in a busy world and stay stress-free in the process.


It’s an excellent tool for seniors going back to school that feel they can’t keep up with the amount of typing involved. You can speak your lectures notes into your smartphone while sitting at the park or in a student lounge, feeling comfortable doing it.




I like the idea that as thoughts come to mind I have a record of what I’m saying which can be passed along to someone else and then they can add their feedback. A lot of times the way I think is sporadic and this allows me to put thoughts down as I think them and expound on them later.


This exercise is really a brainstorming session right now and a practice of how efficient a Google voice typing app can be in everyday living. I can use the tool more often for taking notes through out the day and not feel daunted about the task of typing. I am relaxed and peaceful instead of my fingers cramping from all that that unnecessary typing. I’m actually doing this outside on my porch relaxing in the sun. It’s like having a personal assistant.


TypeText Voice Keyboard is definitely a must for anyone that dreads the act of typing.


I can get more things done now that I can get my thoughts on paper. Editing is a breeze now that I can see what I’m saying in my conversational style. My writing doesn’t have to be so rigid. I can write the way I talk to improve my communication.


Doing this actually uses a different part of the brain. I’m using the part of my that brain deals with voice and language instead of the part concentrated on hand movement.




I now feel drinking a cup of coffee is much easier knowing that I have an app to type for me.  I can relax and take it easy as the thoughts come across the page. This is a very relaxing way to write.


Access TypeText Voice Keyboard Today


Do a search on Google for “Google voice typing app” and you will find the TypeText Voice Keyboard installation page or you can find it in Google Play Store.